Sunday, 4 December 2011

First; Yet The hardest .

The first step seems to be the hard one, actually a really tough confusing phase. Actually, It stuck on my mind, If i had so much to convey and receive then why not open a blog and start it from today. No, actually from this particular moment. What I feel is , When we human , a very fragile yet a strong being achieve peace within ourselves individually with regards to our surrounding, together we as a human race can reach at a peaceful state. We have that ability to achieve a calmness within ourselves we just have to love our life so much that we have so much to offer and without any expectations. Have you ever thought how once smile on our face can affect thousands of life around us. let's all take some time off to think how selfish we are and how we are just for our-self so that the next morning we wake up we could at least be a little help to someone needy and helpless. living peacefully doesn't mean to just supplying all the needs and luxury to own self. It actually regards to life in a balanced life. People drive cars even when they are in deep pain due to their backache but Wouldn't it be much better if they took a bus ride??? I think It would be much better. we need a subcontrary life with a balance around us. We would definitely not like to have a house warming party, if we are not in a good relations with people around the place. Would anyone like to go shopping if the person just broke up with his/her partner even though he just recieved a huge promotion, Definitely a Big No. A peace of mine can only received with a perfect mind , body and soul. I pray for everyone happiness. LIVE LIFE, LAUGH LOTS, LOVE FOREVER... :)


  1. I loved this and yes u have thought it right to start blogging..i appreciate this..hope to read more from you..take care my dear bestie sathi..missing u a lot..

  2. My first blog's first comment by my best mate ever... Thanks a lot... MIss you too...